Neck Problem


Also known as cervical dystonia or a “Wry neck” can now respond to various forms of advanced surgical treatment, as seen here…

Lifestyle & Home Remedies of Torticollis

If you are diagnosed with Torticollis, there are few remedies to try at home that may help you to relieve symptoms.

We will discuss here about lifestyle and home remedies  for torticollis.

  • Lay on your back:

    Symptoms often fade during sleep, so you can take a break to lie down for some time and take rest.

  • Physical exercise:

    Physical healing exercises for adults with torticollis may comprise graded (step-by-step) neck exercises. Initially you may start by trying to gently move your head a little further in each direction each time. Then, try to keep your head in the final position for longer periods of time. If you cannot complete these exercises on your own, you may have another person to support you with tender passive movements.

  • Stress reduction therapy:

    Try to find out the reasons behind stress, anxiety and work on the same. Meditation and yoga has shown improvements in patients. The signs and symptoms of cervical dystonia tend to worsen when you are stressed, so learning stress management techniques is also important.

  • Sensory tricks:

    Patients of idiopathic spasmodic Torticollis may benefit from the sensory tricks. The best way to know about this is by trying several tricks and sees which one reduces the dystonia.

    Some of the common tricks used by the patients are:

    – Touching the chin, back of the head, neck. face or cheek gently can help  decrease neck dystonia

– The touch is usually (but not always) more effective on the side of the head with the dystonia.
– Reclining or sitting with head support.
– Try to rest the head against a wall.
– Using transportable back or neck supports.
– Using a body suit to assist posture.
– Looking at a fixed point or into a mirror.

Heat packs and massage can help relax your neck and shoulder muscles. Exercises that improve neck strength and flexibility may also be helpful.