Brain Tumor

Mrs Suman Kakad

Craniotomy surgery for brain tumor

I was operated for Brain tumor, this was not a just operation it was new birth for me. Thanks a lot, Dr. Paresh Doshi & Team.


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Gautam Birendra

My mother (72 years old) has been detected with multiple lesions in brain and spine.
While many of the neuro surgeons were hesitant of doing biopsy from brain and spine, Dr. Paresh Doshi has not only accepted the challenge but also performed brain biopsy with utmost precision.
My mother has shown the sign of recovery from the very next day, and she is very satisfied with the way the biopsy is done.
I don’t have word to express my gratitude. He is probably the finest and best neuro surgeons I have met so far.
Thank you doctor.

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