Happy Patient

Mr. David Motsonelidze, 51 years old, resident of Georgia has been suffering from Parkinson ’s disease since he attained age 42. Mr. David had been on regular medication on consultation with neurologist in his country. His symptoms that were minimal initially, worsened as the days progressed and the OFF period increased progressively. Last 2 years have been worse for him as he was totally dependent on family members for his daily activities. He also suffered from severe backaches that were unbearable and mild depressions for which he was on medications.

He was utterly frustrated with the quality of life, when he found out that he could undergo deep brain stimulation surgery as the last resort to help him. He made extensive inquiries and found that this was not available in his country, or any other nearby countries. The closest place that he could undergo this surgery was Turkey. However, the cost of surgery at Turkey, Europe and USA were to prohibitive for him. On further inquiry he found that our centre had one of the largest experience of Deep brain stimulation surgery and the cost of the surgery was also affordable. He approached me with a hope of becoming normal one day and gain the ability to earn bread for his family. He also had a wish, that he would play guitar in front of his only son, who after his birth never saw his father playing the instrument, fulfilled.

The DBS surgery was conducted on Mr. David in the month November 2010 after testing him to be fit for the same and getting the consent from the patient and his relatives who had come along. To their pleasant surprise, on the seventh day of the surgery he played guitar which the JHRC provided without any difficulty. He also sang and danced to the tune of music of the guitar. He was very excited and hilarious. We could see in his eyes that he was very eager to go home and be with his family as early as possible. He expressed his desire to get home quickly to be with his family for the Christmas and the New Year Celebrations that he has been missing for years together. He could not control his emotions and getting tears of joy in his eyes he said he would fulfil his wish of playing guitar in front of his son during the celebrations mentioned above. He thanked Dr. Paresh Doshi for the successful operation he carried on and the other members of the team for wonderful job they did. At the time of discharge he was experiencing almost continuous ON hence his medications have been decreased by 30 %. Dr. Paresh Doshi suggested for further reduction of medications once he goes back home in consultation with the Neurologist.

Now that Mr. David has reached home on the eve of Christmas day after a succeful DBS surgery we just hope he enjoyed the festival.