“My mom , Mrs. Revathi Chinni, 71/F who was suffering from Parkinson’s since a decade long, also it got worsened as time passed and the medicines weren’t as effective as before.

With this progressive disease, she pretty much became incapacitated and highly dependent upon others on her daily chores in spite of using best well known Parkinson’s medicines prescribed by specialist doctors throughout the decade.

This further led into depression and lethargic in everything.

Gradually her disease became to Advanced Parkinson’s disease since 2010.

Her symptom began with tremor in her right hand. They slowly progressed to entire upper limb. She also developed slowness of movements of both upper limbs.

She got some relief from medications however, gradually the dosage of her medications needed to be increased. She had history of visual hallucinations. She suffered from constipation. She was a known hypertensive on medications. She had undergone left total knee replacement 7 years ago.

I was desperately wanting to see her walking step. I am Chinni Brahmaiah who is elder son for Mrs. Revathi Chinni. I had seen her to struggle these many years, not able to walk also. It was painful moment for me as a son. 

Then came the saviour Dr. Paresh Doshi who has an expertise in DBS therapy and we got his reference through friends of friends and google exploration.

 The first-hand consultation with Dr. Doshi gave our family members a ray of hope in treating this disease.

His immense expertise knowledge and outperforming more than 650 DBS Surgery operations has given us a great level of confidence in going to him for her Parkinson’s treatment.

Dr. Paresh’s team in Jaslok hospital has completely owned the ultimate responsibility of my Mom right from the day of admission till her post surgery discharge.

“By the grace of almighty and thankfulness to the Dr. Paresh magical hands that this complex DBS surgery was successfully performed though it was very challenging, as my Mom is a fragile, aged person along with other ailing medical conditions.”

We really appreciate Dr. Paresh and his highly skilful team, especially Ms. Bharathi, Mr. Manish, Ms. Swetha and all other supporting staff for taking an intense care of my mom at all stages in DBS operation.

Prior to surgery she had rigidness in body movements, tremors, dullness, barely able to walk, hallucinations and other side effects of Parkinson’s.

Post-surgery and with the ongoing DBS therapy treatment she has already regained some lost strength and able to walk with some or no assistance, little flexible in body movements, a slight glow from inside out, much reduced hallucinations and feed herself some meals.

This is just a miracle and truly believable in looking at her overall improved conditions. 

From the bottom of our heart, we sincerely thank once again Dr. Paresh and team for making this happen. May God bless them in giving all the needed strength for saving other affected people from this dreadful disease.”

Author: Chinni Brahmaiah