Treating Depression Patient

Depression is that dark shadow that keeps you from living the happy life you want. It mostly comes unannounced and you realize it after it starts affecting the quality of your daily life. The good news is that however severe the depression, it can be cured. It just requires selecting the right path to cure which generally includes therapy, medications and certain lifestyle changes as advised by your doctor.

It’s amusing how depression treatment varies from person to person. It does not have a ‘one size fits all’ treatment as what therapy works for one might not work for another person. This is exactly where a doctor comes into picture. He will help you analyze your situation and eventually lead you out of that dark place called depression.

Here are some depression treatment tips that could help you:

Learn about depression yourself

Being self informed about your condition helps you co-operate with what the doctor is suggesting and also helps in quicker recovery. Make sure that you evaluate the root cause of depression. It could be a life event that could be causing this. More importantly, it could also be a medical condition that could lead to depression. So, make sure you analyze your situation. The best option would be to consult an expert like the team at as soon as possible and get the right direction for treatment. It’s important to be as honest as you can be with the professional you speak to so they can get the best picture of you and decide what the best course of action will be.

It will take time

Depression treatment begins with trials and errors so be aware that it will take some time. This is generally done to diagnose which approach works best for you. With therapy, it will take time to check which therapist best suits you. Antidepressants are helpful, only if you stick to schedules and take them regularly. If it is mild depression, you can easily combat it with regular exercise.

Medications alone won’t help

There is no denying that medications can relieve you of depression. One such medication that is very popular is medical marijuana, although to use this you must have a medical marijuana card to be able to make use of places like this lansing medical marijuana dispensary. These cards are given out by state-certified Medical Marijuana Doctors. If you are interested to learn how to sign up for a medical marijuana card, here is a video you can watch now about the process. However, despite the success of medications, you need to take the effort to continue the other treatments such as exercise and therapy to reap long term benefits from the treatment. Some treatments include only therapy and some include a combination of therapy and medication. But medication will only work if you make some healthy changes to your lifestyle and follow everything that has been advised to you at your therapy sessions.

Medical and surgical treatment

Understand that counseling and support are important to cure depression, but medication is necessary too. Antidepressants however work well in a few cases and do not work well on some patients that grow slowly immune to medication. For example, studies show that some bipolar II patients grow maniac when given antidepressants. In such cases depression surgery is imperative. This however requires surgical evaluation of the patient and then further course of action is then decided. DBS (Deep Brain Surgery) is often a good option for such treatment which includes stimulating certain parts of the brain with high frequency electrical stimulation. Surgery often shows a marked improvement in the patient.

Social Support

It is important that you cultivate social connections. Depression generally causes you to recede and break social contact. Consciously make an effort to talk to friends and family members. It will help you get through the phase more easily. If friends and family are not around there are social support groups to help you overcome depression. Join one without hesitation.


Do not leave your treatment half way. Stop when the doctor says you are fine! It is important that you understand that it could be overwhelming and frustrating in the beginning. The recovery generally has its ups and downs and you will feel that it’s not going anywhere, but never stop the process!

Overall, try to consciously make lifestyle changes to include the things you like!