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Best finger exercise for Parkinson’s people to improve the handgrip

Today’s topic is the finger exercise for Parkinson’s people to improve the handgrip. These are important exercises to help improve your writing. Parkinson’s patients should practice regularly, You can feel the improvement in your life. Parkinson’s People should practice the exercises during the on-period time. PD people do not need to run to practice this finger exercise. They can practice anywhere during the on-period time. This exercise will help you hold/grip the pen better. It will also help you hold cutlery better while eating.

Best 10 Finger Exercise for Parkinson’s Patient to improve writing or hold anything 

  1. Make an ”O” by touching your thumb to the tip of your index finger (tip to tip). Press tightly and hold for 5 counts.
  2. Then Open your hand wide and make an “O” with the next finger.
  3. Do 2 rounds of this on each hand.

It is the best finger exercise for Parkinson’s people to improve the handgrip

finger-exercise-parkinson - people-1-min

Now the thumb is the most important for helping one hold objects and so these 2 exercises are very important for strengthening the thumb muscles.

  1. Place your hands on your lap.
  2. Gently move your thumbs away from your fingers as far as you can. (do both hands together)
  3. Hold it for 5 counts and then bring it back slowly.
  4. Repeat 10 times.
This finger exercise will improve thumb muscles for Parkinson’s people.
finger-exercise-parkinson - people-2-min
  1. Place your hands on your lap with the palm facing upwards.
  2. Now take your thumbs across your palm so that it touches the base of your little finger. ( do both hands together )
  3. Hold it for 5 counts and then take it back out.
  4. Repeat 10 times.

Another top finger exercise for Parkinson’s people to improve the handgrip.

finger-exercise-parkinson - people-3-min
  1. Make a fist and then turn your hand so that the thumb faces upwards.
  2. Now lift your thumb up as high as you can (i.e. thumbs-up sign) as shown in the figure and then bring your thumb down.
  3. Repeat 20 times on each hand.


finger-exercise-parkinson - people-4-min
  1. Place your hand on your lap.
  2. Starting with your thumb lift each finger one by one. Make sure the palm doesn’t lift up.
  3. Do 2 rounds.
  4. Then repeat on the other hand.

This is the best finger exercise for Parkinson’s people. So, practice this daily. It is very simple to do.

finger-exercise-parkinson - people-5-min

Some exercises that will help you with eating and drinking. This movement can help in stirring food as well as scooping food onto your spoon

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Top Facial Exercise for Parkinson’s Patient

  1. Make a fist and rotate it first in clockwise and then anticlockwise direction.
  2. Repeat 10 times in each direction and on each hand
  3. Do 2 sets

Follow this finger exercise which can help you with eating and drinking.

finger-exercise-parkinson - people-6-min

Improving your grip/hand closing is also very important. It will help you hold your glass and plate better.

  1. Open your hands and spread and straighten your fingers.
  2. Then close your hands and bend your fingers making a fist. ( do both hands together)
  3. Then release & repeat.
  4. Do this 20 times.


finger-exercise-parkinson - people-7-min

The next 2 exercises will help you lift a glass or bottle or object better.

  1. Hold an object (bottle) horizontally in your hand.
  2. Now move your wrist up & down.
  3. Repeat 10 times on each side.
  4. Do 2 sets.
finger-exercise-parkinson - people-8-min
  1. Hold an object (bottle) vertically in your hand.
  2. Then move your wrist up and down like you are hitting a nail.
  3. Repeat 10 times
  4. Do 2 sets
finger-exercise-parkinson - people-9-min

We also need to strengthen the muscles which help us take our food to the mouth.

  1. Sit with your arm hanging straight at your side. Hold a bottle.
  2. Now bend your elbow and take your hand towards your mouth.
  3. Then take it back down and straighten it.
  4. Repeat 10 times on each arm.
  5. Do 2 sets
finger-exercise-parkinson - people-10-min

 The above exercise list will help the Parkinson’s patient in gripping, holding pieces of stuff by hand, etc.  If Parkinson’s people are reading this article, then high expectation from you that you will practice daily, if possible. 

If the patient’s caregiver has gone through the above finger exercise guidance, then high expectation from you that will encourage your patient to practice to get the best result in hand gripping.

You can watch our Youtube video, where you will get Best finger exercise for Parkinson’s people to improve the handgrip.

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