Sleeping Mantra for Parkinson’s Disease -Sleeping Tips for Parkinson’s Disease

What is sleep?

If you ask anybody as in what is sleep you will get to know a very common answer as it a state of body where a person goes partially unconscious and feels relaxed and stress less. But what sleep actually is?

Well as per the scientific theory, it is a state of mind and body where a person is characterized by altered consciousness and relaxation with reduced sensory and muscle activities.

During this state there comes a reduced interaction with surroundings where reactions to external stimuli are being diminished compared to that when a person is in an awake state of mind and body.

Parkinson’s Disease Cause Sleeping Problems: Learn Sleeping Tips for Parkinson’s Disease

When a person is diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease he or she might get a sleeping problem issue. Generally, PD patients have a tendency to experience lesser sleep or sleep disorder because of their movement disorder.

If your hand is continuously shaking or if a continuous tremor is occurring and hitting your body parts without any control of your own, you would definitely feel helpless and will not be able to concentrate on anything else other than this.

Hence a peaceful sleep cannot come to you even if you try a lot.

What are the problems that cause sleep disorders in a Parkinson’s disease patient?

Some of the common problems that cause sleeping disorders include insomnia, daytime sleepiness, sleep attack, REM sleep behavior disorder, periodic leg movement disorder, some patients can not turn their body, Restless Leg Syndrome, nocturia (frequent nighttime urination), etc.

There are a few ways which can reduce these symptoms or effects of Parkinson’s disease during sleep.

Meditation is one and a very old and important way which can reduce the adversities of PD and can help you get proper peaceful sleep.

Meditation against sleep disorder

Meditation is one such technique where it helps to reduce the symptoms of PD like anxiety, stress, depression, sleep disturbance, etc. If you are a PD patient, and you start doing meditation daily, then you will automatically realize that something is actually happening inside your body and mind. You will feel more relaxed and stress less and you will be energetic soon.


There are few ways to do meditation that can help a PD patient overcome their illness and if you are doing it thoroughly and religiously, you are bound to gain positive feedback out of that. It is very important to learn the right technique of meditation from a proper trainer, then, only you will get the actual benefit for the same.

Good steps for good sleep

  1. Change your room environment – In order to get good and peaceful sleep you should change alter the ambiance of your bedroom (you could consider getting one or two art prints for sale of calming images) and this practice can lead you to experience a good sleep.
  • Clean the room – Your bedroom is yours and it is very necessary to keep it likewise unlike making it to your living or study room. So before sleep first and foremost thing that you need to do is to make your bedroom eligible for perfect sleepy ambiance.
  • Remove all the clutter – Everyone does it though. Remove all the clutters from your bed, put a nice light color bed sheet (preferably white because white symbolizes positivity and gives you good vibes), take a nice soft pillow, blanket and arrange everything properly.
  • Keep aside all electronics – Human brain is much more intelligent than any man-made machines. So while you are off to sleep keep aside all the unimportant machines like mobile, laptop, and radio, etc. aside from your bed and in a silent mode so that you don’t get distracted with its vibes or sounds.
  • Favorite Dark Room Mode – Darkness is directly proportional to good sleep and this is a universal truth. So keep your room dark during sleep.
  • Quiet!!! – Keep your bedroom calm and quiet. Then only you will get a sound sleep.
  • Aromatherapy, a great option – Many research have shown that certain scents can promote good sleep. You can use aromatherapy in order to get good sleep.

Maintain a good sleep routine

It is very important to maintain a good and hygienic sleep routine each day every day to get proper sleep. There are many relaxing ideas people actually follow before going to bed like reading books, listening to music, having a warm bath, etc.

you can follow any of these that suits you regularly before going to bed. It will enhance your sleeping quality to some extent.

Avoid disturbing things

Disturbing things or the things that can restrict you from getting good sleep should be avoided. Things like caffeine, tea, coffee, tobacco, etc. should be avoided before going to bed.


Exercise is a good way to get awesome sleep. During day time if you do a few exercises you will definitely get an awesome sleep at night and this proven scientifically.

Get exposed to light during the day

Get access to plenty of light during the daytime because exposure to bright light during the day helps our body to recognize night time and thus it needs to sleep when it’s dark. Natural light is much better than artificial light though.

A comfortable sleeping environment

A comfortable sleeping zone with a nice mattress and a good pillow is essential (if you
think your mattress needs an upgrade, you might want to check out the advice on sites like to help you pick your next one). Keep your room cool and comfortable and quiet to enhance your good sleep.

Avoid pets in the room

If you are a pet lover and you have a habit to sleep along with your cutie pies then please try to change this habit as being a Parkinson’s Disease patient is very much necessary to get a relaxed and sound sleep. Then only your motors and nerves will work properly. Your sleep might get disturbed because of your pets and their noises. So please avoid them as much as possible.

Limited or no nap session

Try to avoid day time sleeping as much as possible or in case if you need sleep then try to get a small nap of about 30 mins max and that’s it.

If you don’t get sleep then get out of the bed

Don’t repeatedly try to sleep even if don’t feel sleepy. You can get out of your bed and have a small walk or listen to music until you feel sleepy.

Music therapy

Many Parkinson’s patients have a habit to listen to music before sleep. It is really good for health. You can choose mild, pleasant music and keep listening to it in a low volume mode and try to set a timer for the same so that once you are asleep, you don’t have to get up to switch it off, instead it will go off automatically.

Drink a limited amount of water

Very common symptoms of PD patients are nocturia which frequents urination during sleep. Try to avoid drinking a large amount of water before sleep. Just have a sip or two to intake the medicines and that will be all. After that go to sleep.

By following all these rules a Parkinson’s disease affected patient can get a relaxed and peaceful sleep and can overcome their sleep disorder and hence can recover soon.


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