Enjoy-Fashionable Parkinson- Disease-Phase

Rule the world, Enjoy a Fashionable Parkinson’s Disease Phase

We are born to be fashionable because we deserve to look beautiful. It’s our right.

Well, these words might sound a bit high but I apologies….It is the truth. The human being is considered as the most superior animal in the earth and that is why we should look decent and good no matter what comes to our way or in what position we belong.

Some people think that when you are sick,  you don’t look good. Yes, it is true to some extent because when you are sick or you are caught with some disease,  then that affects your health and face also.

It shows in your face. However,  it is your duty how you can overcome all those obstacles and can showcase yourself happy, lively and high-spirited at the time of your illness.

You know something, if you are well dressed with a pinch of makeup that looks awesome on you, you will feel confident and happy from inside.

And if the opposite person appreciates you for these then you are on cloud nine for sure. I assure you, your 50% illness will go off like camphor within few minutes. That is psychology.

Parkinson’s disease is one type of disease where your body parts, especially hands are not in your control. It is a neurodegenerative disorder that happens due to motor immobility.

A person is unable to control his or her body movements and this problem might increase at an alarming rate if not being taken take care of at the right time.

The main problem that a patient suffers with is the clothing problem. Getting yourself dressed properly is something which everybody needs to do almost every day.

It is a daily affair.

And if this activity is obstructing your normal life and your way of living, then surely you are bound to lose your confidence.

The main obstruction that comes in the way of a PD patient is that he or she at times not being able to wear clothes on their own and they need help from others. This makes a person dependent and here comes a feeling of being a burden and helpless.

Things you should follow at the time of dressing:

  •       Spend an ample amount of time for dressing. If you want to hurry up your process, then it might lead you to stress, which consequently can worsen your symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.
  •       Try to dress up at the same time when your mobility period is at the best or right after taking the medicines.
  •       You can always indulge yourself which some muscle stretching exercises before getting dressed.
  •       This is a technique. If you are suffering from rigidity or stiffness with a particular arm or leg, then try to put that part into the sleeves of pant or shirt in the beginning only. This will reduce your effort.
  •       Always use a firm chair or tool to sit down while dressing up yourself. You will not lose your balance and will do the things properly.

All the above-mentioned rules can reduce your efforts towards dressing up yourself and with a little initiative you can look awesome and stay fit and beautiful.

Now here comes what are the clothes that you should wear being a PD patient.

This segment is really very important because unless you wear the right clothes you will not be feeling comfortable hence may feel frustrated and irritated at times.

Choose the right wardrobe:

  •       You shouldn’t indulge yourself with velour or similar kind of fabrics because these fabrics cause friction with other surfaces and hence it makes hard to dress or move during the day.
  •       Pick satin or nylon clothes during sleep time because this can make you comfortable and it helps you in turning over in bed because of its slippery effect.
  •       Always choose one size bigger clothes than your usual size. It will make your move easy and comfortable.
  •       Try to select the clothes with a front open design. You will easily access it without anyone’s help.
  •       For the bottom wears, try to select the pants with elastic and Velcro, unlike zippers or buttons. It will save your time as well as it has easy accessibility.
  •       Choose a roomy, which has large pockets so that you can keep your personal and emergency stuff like a handkerchief, glasses, etc. with yourself only.
  •       Select the swimsuits that are really comfortable and by which you can wrap yourself and can take off easily when needed.

You can hire you stylist and pamper yourself with a nice range of customized dresses following the above-mentioned steps and be beautiful and stay fit and fine.

And last but not the least, when you go out to wear these dresses and additionally you can apply some nice light makeup like nude face powder with a dash of liner along with pink or nude shade lipsticks or lip-gloss to complement your overall look.

Look good, feel good, be confident and rule the world….enjoy….