Tips for Dental Health – Parkinson Patient

We have found many times that dental health in Parkinson disease is often overlooked by the patient and the doctor. Dental health can affect nutrition, as a consequence of weight loss, cause cardiovascular problems. Older patients problem can be especially serious. Tremor rigidity and weakened swallowing ability can make dental examination and procedures more difficult.

Use an electric toothbrush. Due to rigidity in wrists, you may find it difficult to manipulate the toothbrush to reach all parts of the jaws.

if you are a vegetarian, then you must floss once a week. Non-vegetarians should floss daily.

Most Parkinson’s patients have a habit of crunching their jaws and grinding their teeth at night. It damages the teeth and erodes the biting surface. This may lead to increased pain when eating and even tooth loss. If this happens then you can research the cost of dental implants to see if they would be suitable for replacing any lost teeth. Ask your dentist to make a nylon separator which will fit your upper jaw and you can wear it on the upper teeth at night and prevent the upper and the lower teeth from coming into contact at night.