Brain Tumor In Human Body

Brain Tumors

“It is curable!!” yes most of the brain tumors can now be safely and successfully treated with modern day surgical techniques. Find out more about our dept. of brain tumor…….

Brain Tumor FAQs

Surgery is required to decrease the pressure in the brain and to know the nature of the tumor definitively. Medicines can’t cure most of the brain tumours.

Out of all primary brain tumors (those arising in the brain) 50% are cancerous (Gliomas) rest 50% (20% meningioma, 15-18% pituitary adenoma, 8% shwannoma) are benign.

Success rate in safe hands is more than 95%. Complications in the form of post-operative transient neurodeficits can occur in 2-5%. Mortality in modern neurosurgery in expert hands approaches to zero.

Surgery in modern times is extremely safe. Modern equipment’s like navigation system, intraoperative monitoring techniques etc. help to improve the outcome of surgery. Besides, the neurosurgery field has advanced significantly and subspecialty neurosurgeons are the need of the day. One neurosurgeon cannot claim to be efficient in all. Jaslok hospital has such subspecialized neurosurgeons in different fields.

Average hospital stay is 7-10 days

Prognosis depends on the type of the tumor. It is excellent for benign tumor and worse for the cancerous.

To take anticonvulsants as prescribed, to follow-up regularly as advised.