Brain Tumor In Human Body

Brain Tumors

“It is curable!!” yes most of the brain tumors can now be safely and successfully treated with modern day surgical techniques. Find out more about our dept. of brain tumor…….

Risk factors

Multiple risk factors are postulated though their direct role in pathogenesis of brain tumors is not fully established. The various risk factors are as:

  • Mobile radiation:  Various studies show that mobile radiation in form of excessive use or residing in vicinity of mobile towers may lead to brain tumors but direct causal relationship is yet to establish.
  • Infection (EBV):  Molecular studies showed the involvement of EBV in some CNS lymphomas.
  • Pregnancy:  Some tumors grow rapidly during pregnancy, especially meningiomas due to hormonal changes. But pregnancy itself causes tumors is not established.
  • Age:  The risk of malignant tumors like Glioblastomas increase with age. While pediatric age group is prone to tumors like medulloblastoma, PNET etc.
  • Radiation
  • Smoking
  • Immunocompromised state: immunocompromised state like HIV patients are prone to primary CNS lymphoma, tuberculoma etc.