Migraine Problem


You don’t need to suffer!!! This severe form of headache can be efficiently managed either by advanced medical treatment or in some cases by a surgical procedure.

Migraine Headache Prevention

  • Identification and avoidance of specific headache triggers: this can be done by keeping a trigger log, which documents the triggers that are specific to oneself.
  • Stress management: this can be done by eliminating the stressful stimulus, transcendental meditation, yoga or any other form of relaxation therapy. Hypnosis may also be tired.
  • Regularized lifestyle: A healthy diet, regular excersice, regular sleep patterns, avoidance of acute changes in stress levels, being particularly wary of the letdown effect.
  • Transcutaneous supraorbital nerve stimulation (t-SNS): This device (Cefaly), similar to a headband with attached electrodes, was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a preventive therapy for migraines. In research, those that used the device experienced fewer migraines.
  • Learn to cope: By exposing oneself to headache triggers one can learn to desensitize to them.
  • Reduce the effects of estrogen:  reducing the intact of medicines that have estrogen in them maybe one way of preventing the migraine attacks.