Top Facial Exercise for Parkinson’s Patient

Facial exercise helps to reduce the monotonous facial expression of Parkinson people. Due to Parkinson disease, they lose facial expression and facial movement. Furthermore, facial exercises improve your speech also improve the eating style. It is not true that everyone will not experience masking with their Parkinson’s. We will discuss the topic of Top Facial Exercise for Parkinson’s Patient.

Weakness in facial muscles may also cause motor problems like difficulty in swallowing and drooling of saliva.

Top Facial Exercise for Parkinson’s Patient

Especially in PD, the patient must exercise facial muscles to get rid of facial monotonous expression. Facial exercise also helps to improve your speech and also help in the action of eating. You should perform these exercises in front of a mirror.

  1. Raise your eyebrows upward, so your forehead is wrinkled. Hold this position for 5 facial-exercise-for-parkinson-diseasecounts(1…….2…..3…….4……..5)
    Repeat 5 times

2. A facial exercise which helps to get rid of monotonous expression.             Facial-exercise-for-Parkinson-disease

Bring your eyebrows together, Hold this position for 5 counts(1…….2…..3…….4……..5)
Repeat 5 times

3.  Best facial exercise is that close your eyes tightly.                             facial-exercise-for-parkinson-disease

Hold this position for 5 counts (1…….2…..3…….4……..5)
Repeat 5 times

4.  Another best facial exercise for Parkinson’s patient. Open your eyes big and wide.  facial-exercise-for-Parkinson-disease

Hold this position for 5 counts (1…….2…..3…….4……..5)
Repeat 5 times.

5.  It is another best facial exercise to practice. Fill your cheeks with air,  facial-exercise-for-Parkinson-disease

so you can feel the stretch in your cheeks, your cheeks like a balloon.

Hold this position for 5 counts (1…….2…..3…….4……..5)
Repeat 5 times.

6.   Open your mouth as wide as possible. You should be able to open your mouth to at least 3 finger space.

Hold this position for 5 counts (1…….2…..3…….4……..5)       best-facial-exercise-for-Parkinson-disease
Repeat 5 times

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7. Could you please tell me that when do you smile the last time? Now start practice to smile. Smile wide and show your teeth. This is another best facial exercise for Parkinson patient to improve jaw movement.
Hold this position for 5 counts (1…….2…..3…….4……..5)       facial-exercise-for-Parkinson-disease
Repeat 5 times

8.   Another best exercise for the face of Parkinson patient. Do you want to see how much you can bring out your tongue? Take your tongue out as far as possible.
Hold this position for 5 counts (1…….2…..3…….4……..5)  facial-exercise-for-Parkinson-disease
Repeat 5 times

9.  Take your tongue out and move it to the right corner of your mouth.     best-facial-exercise-for-Parkinson-disease
Hold for 5 counts.

10.  Now move your tongue to the left corner of your mouth.        best-facial-exercise-for-Parkinson-disease
Hold again for 5 counts.
Repeat 5 times on each side.

11.   Rotate your tongue, inside your mouth, in a clockwise direction. Just do this 5 times. Now rotate your tongue in an anticlockwise direction, inside your mouth.
Repeat 5 times.

Parkinson’s disease affects your ability to maneuver, however, exercise will facilitate to stay muscles sturdy and improve flexibility and quality. Exercise won’t stop brain disease from progressing. However, it’ll improve your balance and it will forestall joint stiffening.

For video Demostration of same exercise, click this link Top Facial Exercise for Parkinson’s patient

You should talk over with your doctor (Neurosurgeon or physiotherapy) before starting any exercise program. Your doctor might build recommendations about:

The types of exercise best suited to you and the people that you must avoid.
The intensity of the physical exercise (how arduous you must be working).
The period of your physical exercise and any physical limitations.
Referrals to different professionals, like a healer name of physiotherapy will assist you to produce your own personal exercise program.

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